UNCX  = UNited Core Tech
UNCX Tech for Short

Our Tangible Tech:

Shipping Containers

We offer used and new shipping containers for sale, lease and lease to own. Check out our store for what our current inventory is or give us a call for service locations.

Shipping Container Trailers

Our Industry designed shipping container trailers are the most unique patented and patent pending shipping container trailers in the world.

Shipping Container Construction Systems

One- off to production scale systems that are designed to take the guesswork of this emerging industry.

Shipping Container Window Systems

Our Cut and Burn window system takes the guess work out of adding windows to your Shipping Container dream home or office building. Each window is designed to put the structural integrity back in the “Box”.

Our Core Tech:

Shipping Container Logistics

Our business continuity services offer secure shipping container logistics services, for both empty shipping containers and consolidated loads.

Document Sharing Services

Our document and sharing platform is part of our business continuity platform that eliminates the need for downloading software on your computer.

Secure Online File Storage

Our business continuity services offer the most secure 1 way encrypted file storage solutions.

Secure Email Services

UNCX Tech offers world class, one way encrypted email services on our MailCircuit Business Continuity platform. What this means is a email platform that is 100% secure from prying eyes.