Reefer Container

Keep  your perishable items cool with our 40ft refrigerated containers.

Buy or rent a reefer container today and keep your perishable items safe.  Reefer containers are often used to ship perishable items over seas but are also rented by restaurants or other organizations looking to keep perishable items safe from heat.

Size Info

40′ Dimensions

Internal Dimensions
External Dimensions
Door Dimensions
Inside Length: 39’5″ Outside Length: 40’0″ Door Width: 7’8″
Inside Width: 7’8″ Outside Width: 8’0″ Door Height: 7’5″
Inside Height: 7’10″ Outside Height: 8’6″  



Condition Info
One Trip

A One Trip container is more or less a brand new container.  One Trip containers are a more affordable option then a brand new container due to it being used for one trip to make it to the states.  This containers arrives from the country of origin carrying cargo then returned to a distribution point purchased by Blue Line and made available for sale.

Wind and Water Tight

Wind and water tight containers are inspected and certified to have no leaks or holes in the container as well as functioning doors and minimal rust.

Cargo Worthy

Cargo worthy containers are inspected and certified to meet shipping industry standards. All containers used to ship goods must be cargo worthy certified within the last year.

Why Choose United Conex Containers

Cargo Worthy Containers

Our Cargo worthy containers are suitable for ocean going transport of cargo.

Quality Guarantee

Each unit from our facilities is inspected to guarantee our standards for quality assurance.

On Site Delivery

We make delivery a breeze with on site drop off eliminating your worries.

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